Friday, June 25, 2010

What is to be Done?

A Product for Alumni of IIUM and other Universities in Malaysia

When a graduate of IIUM or any other university in Malaysia returns to his or her country the first thing that he or she would do is to look for a job in order to have the resources for a living.

After the honeymoon period of being a new graduate and a new employee the graduate might wish to look around for an activity that he or she can participate or initiate in the interest of the Ummah.

One such noble activity is to participate in the activities of the local WIPER and should there be none in existence the graduate might want to initiate its formation.

In order to form a local WIPER or actively participate in the activities of the global WIPER network, graduates from Malaysian universities should get together in a meeting with the following agenda:


Agenda of a meeting for the formation of WIPER pro-tem committee:

  1. Opening Speech by the Chairman;
  2. Free discussion on the problems of poverty in the country;
  3. Familiarise with existing programmes in the country which are aimed at poverty eradication;
  4. A resolution on the formation of WIPER;
  5. Election of pro-tem committee and sub committees for the registration of WIPER;
  6. Discussion on funding;
  7. Decisions on programmes to be undertaken;
  8. Formation of a Management Committee;
  9. Other matters:
a)      Date of the next meeting,

b)      Etcetera

Agenda for subsequent meetings:

1.      Minutes of the last meeting,

2.      Matters arising.

3.      External input on the activities of committee members,

4.      Report of sub-committee activities,

5.      Accounts,

6.      Review of on-going  national and global programmes for poverty eradication,

7.      Decisions on new programmes,

8.      Manpower,

9.      Other matters:

a) Date of the next meeting,

c)      Etcetera.

The above agendas must be adhered to by all units of WIPERS in the world.


After the agendas of the first and subsequent meetings have been adopted the committee must ensure that a time-table exists in order to ensure implementation.

A meeting should be held in the afternoon of the first Saturday of every month.

The points raised in this booklet are not satisfactorily elaborated. However, they are intended just to stimulate more, deeper and thorough, thinking and discussions on the subject of poverty.

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