Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Towards 2010

This post is an extract of the speech delivered during FAO Conference in Rome, Italy on 6th November 1993.

Serious Thought

Based on our experiences in reducing poverty and similar experiences of other nations, we can call upon member nations to give serious thought to the establishment of WIPER which is acronym for World Institute for Poverty Eradication.


I have mentioned WIPER at CIRDAP Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, at the FAO Regional Conference for Asia and Pacific in Beijing, China in April 1990 and also in the last 26th FAO Conference in November 1991. In fact, the AARRO Conference which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in February 1992 had unanimously adopted the resolution which called for the establishment of WIPER among member countries.

Independent Training Institution

The proposal to establish WIPER signifies the seriousness in the commitment of the government vis – รก – vis poverty eradication programmes in Malaysia, as well as the desire to share Malaysia’s experience in eradicating poverty with other developing countries. The establishment of WIPER would certainly institutionalise and globalise the efforts towards meeting this desire.

In order to accommodate the differences in ideology, culture and economic practices, WIPER in each country, should be an independent and private national training institution; the idea for which can be shared internationally.

The setting up of WIPER and its network would give human development further boost in the light of its increasing realisation as necessary prerequisite for development.

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