Wednesday, January 27, 2010

07-12-1987 - FOOD SECURITY

This speech was delivered during the Conference on Food Security in the Muslim World organized by the Islamic Academy of Science in Amman, Jordon on 7th December, 1987.

Food Security


I would urge that all committees of the Organization of Islamic Countries ( OIC ) to start moving. They need not necessarily move in the same direction, but they should move. The action should be coordinated to create a balance, as indeed, our limbs of the same sides move in opposite directions at any time - to create a balance. A balance is necessary as the late Umar Mokhtar reiterated when he was fighting Italian forces under fascist Italy led by Benito Mussolini.

However, we should not balance by standing still. We should balance while in motion.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This speech was delivered during the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Conference in Rome, Italy on 12th November, 1987.

Global Wealth In Poverty

The majority of the world's population are in the poorer countries or in countries classified as poor. Should there be a voting on a one-man one vote basis to form a world government ( God forbids ), it would be definitely clear that the poorer people of the world will triumph. The riches accumulated in the world should be made to recycle through trade in order that there is global peace.


In historical perspectives, interdependency between nations is rational, relevant and the only way - for empires and civilizations in Asia, Africa and Europe have collapsed without the leaders of those societies ever predicting that their future citizens would be participants in today's FAO forums.

Friday, January 22, 2010

20-10-1985 - THE NICOTINE WAR

This speech was delivered during a seminar on 'Action on Smoking and Health' held in Kuala Lumpur on 20th October, 1985.

The Nicotine War

Taxi Driver

I was 12 years old when my father died on March 18, 1956, at a young age of 37. To this day I am still unaware as to the real cause of his death since I was at a boarding school when he became sick. I still have a driving license photograph of him with swollen lips. Some people said he died of tuberculosis. Whatever it might have been, it is obvious tha he had been ill for sometime.